How to Make the Most of Your Vertical Space

wall-shelving-ideas-for-small-spaceWhether you’re trying to squeeze every last drop of storage space out of your small house or you just don’t know how to make the most of your high ceilings, knowing how to use your vertical space is going to be key.

Here are a few ways to accomplish just that.

Stick with narrow, tall furniture.

The less floor space your furniture takes up, the more room you have to move and the larger your room feels. The taller your furniture is, the more storage you have. Makes sense, right?

Obviously, a narrow, tall couch isn’t going to work, though. Instead, zero in on storage pieces like bookshelves. You can keep things looking pretty by tucking clutter away in decorative baskets.

Floating shelves are your friend.

If you’re not in the market for more furniture, consider adding some floating shelves. They’re simple to attach to walls and not only do they not take up any floor space, but you can hang them over beds and couches, creating storage space (and decorative space) where there wasn’t before.

Of course, if you don’t like the look of shelves, there are plenty of other routes that accomplish basically the same thing, like baskets or crates.

Don’t forget about “unusable” spaces.

It’s easy to go blind to the areas that you typically don’t use, but they’re often a good place to squeeze in some extra storage.

For instance, by necessity, the area around a room’s entrance has to stay relatively clear. So while that space may not exactly be wasted, it can certainly seem that way when you’re running out of room elsewhere.  Adding shelves or a specially built bookshelf over or around a door can solve that problem.

Get your things up off the floor.

You know the drill by now—the wider your things spread out horizontally, the less room you’re going to feel like you have. But just because it doesn’t fit on a shelf doesn’t mean you can’t apply the same principles. Toss your floor lamps in favor of track lighting, loft your children’s beds, or get stackable washer and driers to make use of as much vertical space as possible.