How to Sell Your Home If You Have Pets

dogYou know those (weird) people who don’t like animals? Well, they buy houses, too.

So if you have a furry family member and you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, you’re going to want to keep a few pointers in mind.

Fix the damage

Accidents happen, especially when you have pets.  But no one wants to buy a house with evidence of someone else’s pet’s accidents all over the carpet. Before you start showing your house, invest in a good carpet cleaning.

While you’re at it, keep an eye out for any areas where your pets have chewed or scratched baseboards or doors, and if your hardwood floors are significantly scratched, you might want to think about refinishing them.

Get rid of smells

Nothing turns a buyer off faster than a bad (or even just a strong) smell. And if you have cats—or you just know someone who does—then you know just how bad a litter box can smell. That’s not something you want a buyer walking into. So get rid of the litter box and make sure there aren’t any lingering smells. When in doubt, have a neighbor or relative come over for a sniff test.

Find a new place for your pets to stay (or at least visit)

This suggestion doesn’t often go over well with sellers. No one wants to be separated from their pets. But facts are facts: they tend to be a liability when you’re showing your house. Many people fear animals, and even if they have pets of their own, there’s no guarantee they’ll be comfortable around yours. So make showing easy on everyone and board your animal in a kennel or take him or her to visit a relative.

Don’t forget the outside

A lot of people forget about the damage their cat or dog may have done outside the house, but curb appeal counts. So fill in holes, repaint or stain scratched or chewed areas, and revive any sad-looking plants before you start showing.