Cold Weather Tips to Keep Your Rental Properties Warm in Winter

It’s been a colder-than-usual-winter this year in much of the country, and, ideally, you’ve already fortified your rental properties to protect against the effects. But have you done all you can to help your residents through the bitter cold weather?

Share these weather tips with them to help your residents stay safe and warm in winter!

Access to weather alerts
There are many ways your residents can keep one step ahead of extreme temperatures and winter storms. Encourage them to purchase a weather alert radio or weather apps for their smart phone. Sites like WeatherBug and The Weather Channel can send timely weather alerts. The NOAA is another go-to source for all kinds of weather information. Remind residents that keeping a close eye on the forecast is one of the best ways to practice winter safety.

Weather provisions
Advise your residents to make sure they have the basics needed to ride out a winter storm. Depending on the area, they might need salt or ice melter, sand, shovels, fuel for heaters, a generator and, of course, basic foodstuffs to ride out a snowbound period. To avoid long lines and sold-out shelves, encourage renters to purchase necessities before bad weather begins!

 Keep pipes from freezing
Serious damage and inconvenience can result from frozen pipes. You can help your residents protect pipes with good cold-weather habits. Recommend that they keep kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to expose plumbing to warm air. If the weather is extremely cold, instruct residents to leave faucets dripping. Encourage residents to keep the heat on — even when they’re not home — no lower than 55 degrees.

Staying warm
Even with sound insulation around exterior doors and windows, a home can feel drafty. Residents can stay warm in winter and reduce the heating bill with a few extra steps. Using rubber-backed, insulated curtains help keep the cold from radiating through the glass and frames of windows. “Door snakes” or any flexible, under-the-door buffers, keep cold air from entering the rest of the house when exterior doors open and close.

Even simple steps like wearing more layers, putting flannel sheets and heavy blankets on beds, keeping lap blankets at the ready for sofa time, and drinking warm beverages can make residents cozier without needing to turn up the heat.

A warm, safe resident is a happy resident – and one who’ll likely keep your rental property safe, too. Be sure to share these weather tips to keep people and property protected during the winter.