Myo Inositol – An overview

Myo inositol is widely used during weight loss regimen which controls appetite or hunger by reducing leptin levels and also promotes with growth of strong hair. There are more positive effects of myo inositol are found on female reproductive matters like increasing quality of eggs, improving ovary functions, increasing chances of conception, healthy follicular development is accommodated.

Most common form of inositol is known as Myo-Inositol which is integrated within all life forms and is vitamin like carbohydrates. Myo inositol acts as secondary messenger all through brain and body and is synthesized along with phosphorylated glucose.

Inositol supplements increases and improvises balance of mood, promote healthy female reproductive function and cellular health gets benefitted. Human body naturally synthesizes little amounts of inositol in kidneys. By adding myo inositol rich foods in daily basis and in taking supplements in the form of powder or capsules prove effective for different health requirements.

Supplements of myo inositol

  • Myo inositol is scientifically known as cyclohexane which is common carbohydrate that demonstrates traits of vitamins.
  • Vitamin B8 is commonly known as myo inositol, not so required in diet like other essential vitamins.
  • Small amount of inositol is synthesized in the body on daily basis in kidneys.
  • Inositol is a complex alcohol also known as 6 fold cyclohexane.
  • According to taste inositol tastes like sucrose but not too sweet.
  • Common sources of inositol are found in meats, liver, brain and heart.
  • Other than meats, inositol is also found in fruits like bananas, melons, beans, legumes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals and whole grains.
  • Inositol deficiencies are rarely heard since their availability in nature.
  • Levels of inositol may get depleted by in taking too many beverages like coffee, tea and alcohol in large quantities.
  • Few pharmaceutical drugs too affect inositol levels.
  • Sometimes excessive chronic stress might be a reason.

Production of Myo Inositol

Myo inositol is synthesized in both of the kidneys by following few steps. The synthesizing process of inositol requires Glucose 6 phosphate.

Uses of Myo Inositol Supplements

  • There are nine naturally found isomers are present and myo inositol is one of them.
  • Myo inositol is the one that is most wide spread in nature.
  • It acts to perform wide range of physical and mental roles in body and brain.
  • When myo inositol supplement is taken, person increases bio available amount in the body.
  • Structural variety of secondary neuro- transmitter messengers are served by myo inositol molecules.
  • Major Neuro transmitters like dopamine and serotonin utilize inositol, myo inositol and few other stereoisomers to transducer their cellular messages.
  • In eukaryotic cells, inositol and its phosphates regulate cell migration.
  • Few other functions of myo inositol include transducing signals of insulin, promoting weight loss.
  • Throughout the body, myo inositol and other forms of inositol perform numerous roles that are crucial to sustaining life.
  • Among women, PCOS disorders can be treated using myo inositol supplements.
  • Before using any such additional supplements, doctor’s advice is necessary.