Three Tactics to Control a Mosquito Problem

If you have a mosquito problem in your yard, the first step in solving the problem is understanding that the best you can do is control the insect problem. Because the insects are outdoors, you can never destroy all of them. However, there are certain steps you can take to keep most of the mosquitoes at bay, and your mosquito population at low levels. The following are three of these ideas.

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Spray your bushes to kill mosquitoes
This is an obvious strategy, but you need to find a pesticide that will not hurt your pets. Other than this, the most important thing to know is when and where to spray it for maximum effectiveness. Mosquitoes are most active at night, so it is best to spray your bushes in the mornings. You should also make sure the pesticide is sprayed on the undersides of the leaves as this is where the insects are likely to be during the daytime hours. A periodic spraying can be done to help prevent the mosquitoes from living in your yard, but this spraying is not likely to be as comprehensive as the initial spraying to kill the insects. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Eliminate all unnecessary standing water
This is where females will lay their eggs on your property, so you want to inspect every inch of both your front yard and back yard areas. This type of water can come from watering your lawn and shrubbery, or just as common, it can be from a rainstorm. Once you have removed all of this water, it is only a matter of doing an inspection after it rains, or paying attention to where extra water has gathered after you have watered your lawn and plants.

Use mosquito traps
Once all of the extra water is gone, there will not be many place left that are attractive to mosquitoes, but they will still be visiting your property. It is for this reason that you need to add mosquito traps to your repertoire of anti-mosquito tools. This type of trap uses water to attract females to lay eggs, but a small tablet of pesticide is dissolved in the water to make it deadly. They’re effective, and if you have eliminated all of your standing water, they become more attractive to females. Therefore they are even more effective.

As bad mosquitoes can be for a homeowner, they can be controlled with a the right strategy and the right mosquito control products. You can start your plan of action today.