How To Be Sure You Have A Secured Storage Unit

The safety of the storage unit you choose is always a really important thing that you do have to think about. As time passes it is so easy to end up with so many items that you simply do not have space for. As you run out of home storage space, renting some extra space in storage facilities is something that has to be considered. However, not all the units are secure. Your goal is to locate a highly secured storage facility located in Chatsworth California or as close as possible to where you live. In order to do just that, make sure that you always focus on the following aspects.

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Unit Climate Control

Climate controlled units are highly important because of several reasons. When you are looking at space that is not protected from the weather, your items may end up getting ruined. The property you own needs to be completely safe, without the weather being a factor to consider.

Updated Security Features

When you think about what storage unit to consider, you want to think about the security offered and the service provider will always give you access to a list of everything included. If the facility features something that is highly updated like motion sensors or automatic locks, you can be sure you are faced with something that is beneficial for you. Alarms have to be wired to the individual units though. This is a separate security feature you should always consider. If you do not have something like this nobody in the security staff is going to be aware of the fact that your unit was broken into.

Opt For Higher Than First Floor

It is a good idea to go for the storage facilities that have multiple floors. As this is present choose at least the second floor. This will protect from flooding and the location is generally safer because of the fact that burglars will normally consider the units that are the closest to the exit points.

Locking Down Rates

The secure storage facility can often offer an introductory rate that is absurdly low. As an example, you can be offered the very first month for just around one dollar. That dollar eventually goes up to the amount that is advertised. As you are looking at the various storage facilities that are considered, see what rate is offered for you. It is important to get all this in writing. This will offer an extra security few people take into account, the security that you will not be taken advantage of.


What is very important is to be patient and compare various different storage facilities available close to your property. See what is offered and only choose one that can guarantee the safety of all the items you store. If you have special items that require specific storage conditions, be sure you will find something that will offer exactly what you need. Even if you have to drive for a longer distance, it is still a lot better than something that is not secured.