Uses of HGH Supplements

There are people who turn to the supplements of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) so that they can keep their body looking youthful. However, experts say that they don’t give precision to depend on and they can also cause harm.

Our natural HGH is produced by pituitary glands and that happens to both children and adults. It helps you regulate body composition, muscle growth, bone growth, body fluids, fat metabolism and heart function. These are synthetically produced and works like an active ingredient in various prescription drugs and also other products available on the internet. To know distinctively about HGH Supplements, redirect to

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HGH – Uses and Abuses

The use of synthetic human growth hormone began in 1985 and it has been approved by FDA for limited uses in both children and adults. For children, HGH injections treat short stature from unknown reasons and also pure growth from numerous medical reasons like:

  • Turner’s syndrome: this is a genetic disorder which affects gild’s development
  • Prader-Willi syndrome: this is a rare genetic disorder that make them have poor muscle tone, less sex hormones and constant hunger
  • HGH deficiency or insufficiency
  • Chronickidney disease
  • Smaller birth since gestational period

The approved uses of HGH for adults are:

  • Short bowel syndrome: condition where nutrients don’t get properly absorbed from intestinal disease or surgical removal of a big portion of small intestine
  • HGH deficiency from rare pituitary tumors or treatment
  • Muscle-wasting disease like HIV or AIDs

The most common reasons to use HGH are not approved by FDA. There are people who use this hormone with more performance enhancement drugs like anabolic steroids, for building muscles and improving athletic performance. However, HGH’s outcome on athletic performances are still unknown.

The levels of our HGH go on decreasing with age, but some anti-aging experts speculate and claim that these products can reverse age-related bodily deterioration! However, these are not scientifically proven or approved of.

There are fitness freaks that would opt for injectable HGH from doctors who prescribe these for off-label purposes and these are not FDA approved. You can get these over the counter, online, in internet pharmacies, anti-aging clinics, and more.


There are more people who purchase HGH products and claim that it does increase their body’s production of natural HGH. These are used in forms of pills and sprays. There are companies advertised through TV commercials who claim to get you back your body and reverse the biological clock. It also helps in reducing fat, restoring hair growth, natural hair color, building muscle, strengthen immune system, normalize blood sugar, improve energy, enhance sex life, quality of sleep, eyesight and memory.

There is no reliable evidence that support the claims of the outcome from the Federal Trade Commission, and not everybody can prescribe the use of HGH given by injections. When you consume it orally, it digests through the stomach before getting absorbed in the body. To know all about these supplements and to answer what you need to buy, log onto