Clenbuterol: Steroid or Only a Diet Pill?

Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic amine, acting as a Beta-adrenergic receptor stimulant to target deadly upper respiratory track problems such as Asthma. It is quite similar to the adrenaline and Nor-adrenaline hormone. Other than its broncho-dilating and smooth muscle relaxing property, it also has been path-breaking when used as a thermogenic, which is the main characteristic being employed in a weight loss drug. So it is occasionally confused with an anabolic steroid available in the market, most of which are also heat-liberating in nature. But it is not a steroid!

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There are different types of adrenoceptors but Clen interacts with beta-2 receptor mainly and seldom with beta-1 and 3. The mechanism of action differs from that of steroids and the primary goal is to expand and enhance metabolic activity to burn down adipose (fat cells) rather than gaining muscles. According to research studies, it is also used to treat a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylactic shock, control histamine responses, hypertension, swelling, migraine, arrhythmias, and cardiac shock.

Anabolic effects of Clen:

Though Clen is not a steroid, but its anabolic effects are quite effective, depending on the term of usage. Research has shown its trivial anabolic effect on rat muscle tissue, and increase in its intensity when used for prolonged period. Clenbuterol is clubbed with steroids to induce physical enhancements and anti-catabolic properties, by operating as a “signalingmTOR pathway, it helps to promote protein synthesis, induce androgen signaling, enhance breakdown of triglycerides and fatty acids and impart fat-loss from blubbery parts of the body. It helps to suppress hunger and ensures water loss from the body. It also leads to increased cardiac output and improves the breathing passage to augment oxygen transportation in the blood. Clen inhibits the action of insulin, including its fat-storage properties. The half-life of this drug is about 36-48 hours so only one dose would be enough for remarkable results.

Tolerance and Clenbuterol:

Research has shown that Clen’s effect diminishes over time, because of down-regulation of Beta-2 Adrenergic receptors. This happens because of over-use of any drug leading to desensitization of a receptor. This can be countered using a drug (e.g. KetotifenFumerate, which is an anti-histamine) which up-regulates the beta-2 receptors. So Clenbuterol should be used for a short period of time in any body-building regime.

Drug Dosage:

This drug is suitable for both male and females. However, the dose is not same. For males, it ranges from 40-120 mcg/day and for females it can go up to 20-60 mg/day, all depending on an individual’s BMI. Each dose should be taken every day in the morning or afternoon, but not at night because of its interference with the sleep. One is advised to drink more water and fruit juice when consuming this drug. Heavy exercise like cardio should be pulled more during Clen cycle. This shall enhance the effect of this drug. According to research studies, it is strictly advised not to stop the Clenbuterol cycle suddenly, but gradually reducing the doses, to prevent the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms.