Is It Time for a Chimney Inspection?

Most homeowners know they should have their chimneys inspected regularly, but when is the best time? Some people have them inspected and cleaned after using their fireplace during the winter. They may schedule an inspection in the fall before they will be using the fireplace again. Did you know that the summer months may actually be a better time for the inspection?

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Have Chimney Services Performed in Good Weather

There is a good reason that chimney services recommend having your fireplace and chimney inspected in the summer. Sometimes chimneys need repair. This is often true with masonry chimneys. The elements can cause some deterioration over time. When the repairs are made while the weather is warm, the materials used are able to cure thoroughly.

Chimney inspections can help uncover other problems that may need addressed before winter. When leaks are spotted that seem to be due to the chimney, they can actually be roof problems. Water may collect where the roofing and the chimney meet, but it can be coming from a leak several feet from the chimney. Depending on what will need to be done, the repairs are better performed when the weather is cooperating than during a wet or cold period.

Chimney Repairs

A chimney can require several different types of repair. The flashing may need replacing or the chimney itself might need relining. An inspection can uncover potential problems before they become major. Naturally, the chimney will need to be cleaned regularly to keep soot from building up and causing problems. This is why companies such as 301 Chimney provide chimney inspection dc.

If you uncover problems with your roof, it is best to have your chimney inspected and repaired, if necessary, before having the roof fixed. This will reduce the risk of damage to the roof. The same as heating and air conditioning repair companies, chimney inspectors have busier times. This is another reason to schedule an inspection, and have repairs done while the weather is warm.

Preparing early is the best choice. All the problems will be taken care of, and your home will be safe and secure when winter arrives.