Tips For Adding ‘Curb Appeal’ To Your Home

Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want to spruce it up to make it unique, there are now a million ways to add ‘curb appeal’ to your property. Many people choose to move into a house and then live without changing anything for years but there are some simple changes that you can complete to make your house personal to you. Here are a list of fantastic ideas that you can do to make your house look stunning from the outside regardless of whether it is for you or for any potential buyers.

Paint The Front Door – This is extremely simple as all you need is a tin of paint and a paint brush but it is also extremely effective. Believe it or not, when someone points at a house or even just glances across at a house, more often than not their first sight will be the front door. For this reason, you should make that front door ‘yours’ by painting it whatever color you want to; bold, bright colors will make your house stand out but if you want to go for something a little more subtle, why not go for a classic black?

Clean Up The Pathway – The second spot that will be easily visible is the pathway to the front door as people who have never been in your house will be looking down just in case there are any rogue slabs or patches of grass waiting to trip them up. There are a wealth of options here including laying down some turf which will look natural (as long as you keep on top of the length), laying a nice pathway, or even putting down some wooden platforms in amongst stones. The latter option would look perfect with a classic bungalow or traditional home and would really finish it off nicely.

Change The Roof – This may sound like a strange option at first but a change in color or design of the roof can dramatically change the way in which a building is perceived. When you own a house and look for things to personalize, the roof is always seen as an immovable object but this simply isn’t true and in fact, you can test colors and designs to see what suits your house; you will be surprised to see just how much of an improvement a roof change will bring.

Update Windows – The windows are often the only way to look into a house from the outside so they will be viewed just as much as the front door; for this reason, you should try and keep them clean and replace any that are outdated or are breaking down. Rotten, dirty windows can make a house look sad and will put you in the same mood as you approach but by cleaning them up and pairing them with a newly-colored front door, you will be bringing the house back to life.

Add Some Life – It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s smallest front garden or patio, you can still find a way to add color and life. If you have the room, you can go ahead and add some plants and bushes to give the house a more natural feel but even if you have a tiny space, try planting smaller flowers or attaching a hanging plant to the front outside wall. As long as you choose sensible plants and none that will grow out of control, you will be improving the look of your home which will make you and all your visitors instantly happier.

Repaint – Again, this is another one that you wouldn’t have thought would have a difference but the results can be surprising. If your paint is peeling, has flaked away, is discolored, or is just a dull color currently, try painting it a fresh new vibrant shade to give the house some character. Of course, you will have to make sure that the new color doesn’t clash with the new front door but if you can get them working together the results will be amazing.

Sign/Post Box – If you are happy with all of the above and are looking for something different, a unique post box or sign will make the house look unique and will give it even more character. Of course, not a traffic sign or one that points passers-by to the local fast-food outlet but instead you can name your property and have a little sign made. This will add a ‘cute’ factor and people visiting will feel welcomed and if you are trying to sell, they will immediately get the homely feeling before they even enter.

As you can see from these seven simple tips, personalizing your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Curb appeal is absolutely vital to visitors and for potential buyers because their mind will be made up about your home very quickly; these simple tips will ensure that your house looks beautiful for all to see for years to come.