10 tips to make your home look spacious

City living dictates that we hustle every inch of available space in our apartments so a little bit of additional help won’t hurt you, of course. Read our ten tips for creating an illusion of space in your home.

How to create an illusion of space

1.    Space management: Visualise a plan. The most important part of any room is working with space to achieve the maximum
potential it can offer. If you list your needs, it will help you stay focused  on what you require, without cluttering the space.

2.    Go light: Use of light colours on the floor and walls creates an open feel. If the wall colour is similar to the floor, the edge where the
wall and floor meet is less noticeable. Also continuing wall colour to the ceiling, gives the appearance of greater height

3.    Keep it low: Keeping furniture and accessories below your line of vision, is a trick to make the place look larger. Opt for low height
sofa seating in living rooms, and platform floor beds in bedrooms

4.    Cut the bulk: Avoid heavy solid furniture, and instead use streamlined and less bulky furniture. Sofas, centre tables, beds etc which
are raised on legs tend to look like they have less visual weight. Use floating cabinets to show more floor.

5.    Create unity: Using the same floor in the entire house gives it the appearance of one large seamless space. Using different flooring
material in individual rooms breaks the space and visually creates compartments

6.    Try monochrome: Use of monochromatic colours for walls and furniture tricks the mind, as the eye can move easily around the
room without the abruptness and interruption of other colours. However, use of accents like cushions, accessories etc in vivid
colours will lift the space

7.    Raise the rod: Extending curtains from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, gives an illusion of creating more height.  Also,
extending curtain rod beyond the width of the actual window, makes the window seem larger. Use of sheer fabric for curtains
instead of the solid heavy curtains makes the space look brighter and lighter. If you need to use solid curtains for privacy, you can
opt for roman bllinds which fit neatly within the window frame, again cutting the bulk of heavy pleated fabric

8.    Mirror magic: You can choose mirrors with decorative frames to add visual appeal to any space, and it will help reflect light and
make the space seem bright and airy. Mirror cladding from floor to ceiling will double the depth of a space instantly, thus make a
small room feel more open.

9.    Tuck away: Wires, papers, clothing need to be neatly contained within or behind furniture. So while planning, ensure that wires are
neatly tied and tucked away out of sight. Also there should be a specific place to accommodate all ancillary things taken for granted
like mail, newspapers, etc

10.    De-clutter: Clear out the unnecessary stuff. Less cluttered spaces are always more appealing to the eyes. Review your stuff every
six months, and make it a ritual to throw/ give away things that you don’t really use. And bonus -Feng Shui  suggests that
de-cluttering brings you abundance.