Sheds Can Be Used for More Than Storage

When you think of buying a shed for your backyard, it is generally because you are considering what you can store here. However, there are many other uses for sheds. Make sure to check and see if your city or county has regulations that must be followed depending on what you have in mind.

Guest Cottage

If you have room, a larger shed can be the perfect guest cottage. All that is needed is a small bathroom with a stand-up shower, a microwave, sink, and a mini fridge. Add a bed, and you have a guest cottage for the in-laws or anyone else that wants to visit for a few days. This is perfect if you don’t have an extra bedroom, and guests have their privacy. An example of a company that offers assembled storage sheds is Chapin Sheds.

A Home Office

These days many people work from home. With the increase in virtual offices, outsourcing tasks has become quite popular. A shed can be the perfect place for you to work, and because it is not part of the household, you will probably find it easier to concentrate without distractions. Tax deductions are available for home offices, even if they are not within your home.

A Gym

Have you always wanted a place to work out? A shed can offer the perfect place for all your exercise equipment. Depending on the size of the shed that you choose, you may have room for weights, a tread machine, a stationary bike, or even an elliptical machine. Your shed might just become the place in the neighborhood for others that want to work out as well. You could actually rent it out and make enough to pay for your shed.

These are just a few of the uses for a shed besides storage. It can be whatever you need or want it to be with the right modifications. Your shed can be a place for the kids to enjoy crafts, a shop for dad, or even a sewing room for mom.