How to keep your table tops looking new

We use tables for dining, working, arts & crafts, cooking or just a chat over a cup of tea. Protect them from daily wear and tear, with these handy tips for all materials. As a blanket rule, always use coasters, trivets and cutting boards on all surfaces to protect your tabletop. These simple care tips will keep your tables looking as good as new, in all seasons:

Protect Wooden Furniture With Oil & Wax

Acidic items such as coffee, wine, fruit juices, sodas, cooking oil and even tomato sauce can cause permanent stains. Blot immediately with a sponge or soft cloth and use a cleaner specially formulated for granite. Avoid any other kind of cleaning liquid as they can strip the surface of its natural sheen and cause pitting.

Granite Table Cleaning Solution

Clean marble with just a soft sponge and warm water, and polish with a soft, dry chamois cloth. For oil-based stains, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (12%) and few drops of ammonia; baking soda and water paste for coffee and tea stains and to scrape off paint or candle wax, use a razor blade.

Preserve your natural wood grain with regular application of oil and wax for wooden surfaces. This prevents it from absorbing moisture and fills up the minor scratches that may occur despite careful use.

How to Clean Glass Table

Avoid sitting or standing on these, and place objects carefully on them, making sure that the weight is proportionate to the size of the table. A good window cleaning solution works fine but needs to be applied and carefully wiped off with a soft cloth daily to avoid scratches from grit or lint build up.

Acrylic & Plastic
Use a clean, super-absorbent, micro-fibre polishing cloth and a special cleaner for plastic. Make sure you polish away all the cleaner so there’s no residue.

Stainless Steel
Avoid rusting and scratches by minimizing contact with liquids and sharp objects. Wipe up spills immediately, using a damp cloth followed by a soft, dry one. Boost shine by rubbing down the entire surface with a dry soft cloth and natural orange or lemon oil that lends a beautiful, lingering fragrance as a bonus.