Decor Ideas For LARGE WALLS

What can we do with those large walls in our house or apartment when we are looking for a great wall decoration look? A real challenge for the owner but not for the interior designer.

There a lot of things we can do to decorate a big wall in our living or dinning room, for example watch this figure:

Here I used tridimensional figures with silver leaf finish, framed with wooden frame same as a picture would be, around it a corrugated paper with metal paint finish with a thin moulding. Set up in 3 aligned squares. The biggest the walls, the biggest figures. So this is a very creative solution.

Another idea, watch this:

In this living room was used a textured wall paper framed with painted mouldings, only at the back of the sofa and the same with the right side of the wall (not shown) so the large wall was divided into 2 sections. Use texture paints, wallpaper, mouldings, decorative stones and a lot more of material you can get at your local stores.