Give Your Tiny House Some Charm

Even though the tiny home that you might be building might be small, you might have been surprised so far by the number of materials that you have to purchase. You might have been heading to a local home improvement store or other similar place to purchase materials for your tiny house, and you will probably continue to have to do this for at least some things. When you can, though, you should at least toss around the idea of purchasing reclaimed materials, such as reclaimed windows and doors. Here’s why.

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Save Money

For many people, one of the primary reasons why building a tiny house is so appealing is because it can allow them to save money over purchasing a more traditional home. If you have to spend a ton of money on materials for your tiny house, though, you might not save as much money as you were originally hoping. If you figure out where to buy reclaimed doors Portland OR and start buying other used materials for use on your tiny home, though, your materials cost might be lower than it would be if you purchased all new materials.

Give Your Tiny House Some Charm

You are probably hoping to make your tiny house cute and cozy. You can add a lot of charm by using used materials whenever possible. Little steps like these will help you give your tiny house the look and feel that you have been envisioning.

Be Kind to the Environment

Tiny house living can be a great way to live more sustainably, but you will of course have to put some thought into the decisions that you make. Of course, buying used materials can help you prevent them from ending up in the landfill and can be a great way to make your tiny house more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Using reclaimed materials on your tiny home might just be the right idea. Before you go out and buy too many brand new materials, look for used materials. Once you find some used materials, you might decide to go used whenever possible throughout your project.