How fire safe is your home?


Don’t fear the fire. Protect your home with these fire safety tips:

Fire alarm

Having a fire alarm is one of the most vital fire safety equipment that you should have in your home. This will alert you of any possible flames and could help you control the fire. Make sure that the fire extinguisher provided on every floor of an apartment. Pacifica companies Provide Fire alarm control panel at each block with a connection to the main fire pump, so anybody can initiate fire call from push button provided at each floor and ensures fire safety.

Fire Extinguishers

To safeguard against small fires every home should be well-equipped with fire extinguishers. Because almost all fires are small at first, they might be contained if a fire extinguisher is handy and used properly. You should be careful while selecting the right kind of fire extinguisher, because there are different ones for different kinds of fires. To ensure safety Pacifica companies provides Fire Extinguishers on each floor, so you can access with the shortest distance.

 Electric Wiring

Make sure that all wirings are in good condition. Faulty wirings mostly cause the fire. If you see any doubtful wiring or cords, get a professional to fix on it right away. When you are residing at Pacifica homes you don’t have to worry about electrical wiring as we offer armoured cable in a shaft and Polycab brand – Fire retardant cable with high grade copper to better safety and power quality. We Provide fencing too around the electrical substation for the human safety!

Kids’ safety

Keep flammable items and fire hazardous materials out of children’s reach. Electrical appliances should be kept out of children’s reach too. Make your home safe by ensuring that wires are situated somewhere children could not reach. So that your children can play safely, we provide lockable meter room for your peace of mind and better aesthetics. For your kids safety, we provide a metal base box to every switch boards.

Remove knobs

Use cooking appliances and stove safely! When they are not in use, you can remove the knobs from your stove, or use with precautions. Turn pot handles toward the back of the stove. You can take such least measures to prevent your family from unwanted threats.

Your home is a special place for you. So, make sure to keep your home safe at all times. After all, this is where the family grows. For more such fire safety home specifications, please click here.