Ideas for perfect home decoration 

Traditional or contemporary; modern or eclectic, or just simple and cosy, whatever be your style, here’s our pick of the best living rooms we’ve ever featured. We bet, it’s gonna be impossible to pick a favourite. Whether you are aiming at a complete overhaul or just a cosmetic makeover, these spectacular living room ideas will give you all the impetus you need. If you are looking for the interesting accent wall ideas, furnishing options or just the right colour palette for the family’s favourite room, these living room designs are brimming with some pretty interesting decorating ideas. Here’s to creating a picture-perfect living room!

Symphony in Wood

Wood undoubtedly plays the protagonist in this living space. The wood-panelled walls are a welcome departure from the usual ubiquitous painted or textured walls. Conceptualised and executed by Akshat Bhatt of Architecture Discipline, the design elevates the usage of wood to a completely different level. “The client belongs to a Rajasthani family with a lot of heirlooms. The design intent was to heighten and exaggerate these elements. Classic materials such as brass and timber are experimented with to create a simplified version to fit in the modern context,” says architect Akshat Bhatt.Architecture Discipline

Wooden Living Room Design

A Decadent Space

“The owner wanted a mini palace. And that’s what we gave him,” says Adeetee Sawhaney of Altus Interio. We know exactly what she means. The space is resplendent with all things luxurious. From bespoke furniture embellished with gold and silver, specially-commissioned artworks, and a profusion of rich textures and finishes, this space certainly exudes luxury. The colour palette — white and blush, with a brush of silver and gold — asserts a highly evolved language of luxury. But what bowls you over is the attention to detailing. “God is in the details, after all!” says Adeetee!Altus Interio

Pink and White Living Room

Simplicity is Key!

Author Josie Conran’s home is actually a boathouse! “Our home is more of a house that floats, as opposed to a houseboat. It was built about four years ago and is a permanent fixture of two storeys, in white clapboard, with a pitched roof,” informs Josie. The
colours of the living room work fantastically against the deep green of the river. It is a happy home filled with colours of the season, aimed at threading a note which is open and inviting. “The bright colours that we use are a reflection of our pleasure in creating our family home. And the inspiration behind creating this beautiful space is to celebrate life on the river.
Photograph: Anthea Williamson

Light and airy living room with colourful but decent decor

Open-plan Living

Designer Alex Davis’ 5,000sqft home resonates his multiethnic outlook. In order to make it more open and personal, the house was restructured and the walls were torn down to suit the requirement of the nuclear family living. “The entire house is designed keeping with the local aesthetic language with a contemporary take on it,” says Alex. All the ornamentation in the house has been handpicked and collected over a peirod of time. However, the house derives its identity from Davis’ use of traditional elements from Old Delhi. On entering the house, the spaces flow in two different directions. One section is occupied by the bedrooms while the kitchen, dining and living areas are on the opposite side. The design is fluid, with one section flowing into the other seamlessly, the furniture is strategically placed to divide the space into functional areas.
PC: Alex Davis

Wooden block art wall decor with yellow sofa

Bohemian Chic

There’s nothing sterotypical about author Anuja Chauhan’s home. The house is a mirror of Anuja’s personality. Quaint, quirky and playful, her signature trend of blurring between the lines comes to the fore. Anuja says, “I try not to use things the way they’re meant to be used. I’ve married quirky ideas like gas cylinders as bar stools; gudri as upholstery; bangles inside a table and a big wooden truck as a cutlery rack.”  The space is inimitable, and that, we think, is true luxury. Owning a space that truly mirrors your style.
PC: Shamanth Patil J

Bohemian living room decor - quirky style room

Classy and Contemporary

What strikes us about this space is the profusion of textures, shapes and finishes you find here. The sinuous nature of the custom-designed sofa, the wooden-textured wall and the vaulted ceiling with gold detailing, everything together creates a stunning visual palette. “The palette mostly monochromatic, stems from the nature of the materials themselves,” says Akshat Bhatt, Founder, Architecture Discipline.PC: Architecture Discipline

Modern and contemporary furniture

Rustic Charm

Director Guddu Dhanoa, his wife Santosh and their son, Jeet’s bungalow by the sea is a design inspiration for many. The architecture of the 20,000sqft home is interesting — the living room, the bedrooms and the dining rooms are all separate spaces, connected via concrete pathways that are interspersed with green patches. “It’s unlike anything you get to see in Mumbai,” says Guddu with a hint of pride in his eyes. You see an obvious Balinese influence in the interiors. The base colour palette is subtle, the furniture is minimal, pops of colour are introduced through accent pieces.
PC: Manas Parekh

Rustic farmouse living room design

A Floral Story

Blogger and interior designer Ju de Paula’s home in the English Countryside is nothing less than poetic. The living room sums up Ju’s decorating style: colourful, patterned, bright and airy. The fireplace used to be brown and was one of the first things that Ju addressed in the house — painting it white brought the room to life!PC:Shamanth Patil

Floral and Fresh living room