Class With Glass

Even if you understand the design process involved in a home, there are a few areas that sometimes require a bit more attention than others. One room of the home where you might want to spend more time is the bathroom. This is a room that is used by everyone in the family at some point during the day, especially the shower. Instead of a shower curtain that can allow water to easily get on the floor, consider glass shower doors Dallas TX stores and contractors offer.

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Shower walls that are a lighter color can shine with a glass door. Include a handle that is sophisticated for a beautiful touch in the bathroom. If you have a tub and shower combination, don’t think that you can’t install a glass door. The process can be a bit more detailed, but you can easily install the proper lining along the edge of the tub so that you can install the glass door. A sliding option works best with a tub and shower combination instead of a door that opens outward.

Keep the bathroom separate from your bedroom by installing sliding doors. An opaque design on the bottom with clear glass on the top will allow you to see the details of the bathroom while maintaining the privacy of those who are in there. This would be a design option if your bathroom connects to your bedroom, creating more of an open space instead of keeping the area divided with walls.

A small bathroom can benefit from a glass shower door. It can let more light shine through the room, making the bathroom look and feel like it’s bigger. Put a plant or two near the shower along with keeping any windows uncovered to allow as much light to flow through as possible. If windows are at a level where someone could see inside, then you might want to consider blinds or shutters that can easily be opened and closed.