Keep Your Parents Comfortable at Home Longer

No one wants to see their parents have to give up their home as they age, but a big house can be hard to take care of when they are a senior. If you and your parents want to keep them independent and happy within their house that is full of memories for as long as possible, consider doing some of the following tips to make life easier for them.

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As your parent’s age, they need more help maintaining their home. A free solution is to go yourself and help with household chores and maintenance. If this isn’t possible, consider one of the maintenance companies nyc has to offer for everything from cleaning to major repair work. You could also hire a housekeeper to come in once a week to help out. This could be a affordable option when it comes to taking care of laundry, vacuuming, and other household chores.


Safety is a top priority for seniors who remain in their home. Hire a company to come in and install surveillance cameras both inside and outside of the home. Have them connected to your cell phone and local authorities in case of an emergency. Do not use them to invade their privacy, but the cameras will give all of you piece of mind.

Lawn Care

While gardening is a terrific exercise, much of the other lawn care work can be too much for your parents. Hire someone to cut the grass, trim, and sweep up. This is an excellent job for teenagers in the neighborhood if you don’t want to spend the money that lawn services ask.

If your parents can count on having a home that is clean and well maintained, safe, and free of lawn care responsibilities, they will be able to stay in their home longer. Try some, or all, of these suggestions to give everyone involved a little piece of mind. Choose the options that best fit your budget, and go from there.