Beautify and Protect Your Pond Using Fountains and Aerators

Lakes and ponds that use fountains and aerators present a nice visual as you drive up to any property. The real benefits happen below the waterline in helping maintain a healthier ecological balance.

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The Dangers of Stagnant Waters

Stagnant waters of ponds that have no way to circulate fresh water in or keep the water circulating are prone to foul odors, bacterial growth, and look cloudy. Swimming in a pon in this condition can cause illness and bad water quality can cause any fish present to die.

Reduce Algae and Bacterial Growth

The use of pond aerators and fountains will keep the water churning and circulating fast enough to help prevent the growth of bacteria and unsightly algae. Water movement makes it difficult for things like algae to grow and it keeps the water temperature lowered to where bacteria have a harder time taking hold of the environment.

Keep Water at Healthy Oxygen Levels for Fish and Plants

Water that sits and stagnates can be detrimental to the health of fish and aquatic plants. Pond aerators and fountains will add precious oxygen to the water and make it a healthy environment for all living things.

Make it an Oasis for Picnicking or Barbecues

Keeping the pond looking and smelling its best makes it a desirable place to spread out a blanket and have a picnic, or set up a table and have a barbecue. You’ll get more enjoyment out of your outdoor space.

Give Your Property Added Curb Appeal

The looks of a fountain in operation in a pond is attractive and gives your property more curb appeal. It’s perfect for business parks, mobile home communities, schools, and private developments that have ponds on the property. Adding pond aerators and fountains is an affordable way to improve the looks and enjoyment of your outdoor space with little effort. It’s a basic part of pond management that is beneficial for all parts of the local ecosystem and water-dependent wildlife