Questions to Ask Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom look like is was designed 30 years ago? Are many of the fixtures old and rusted? Is your sink scratched? If this is the case, you might want to take a look at possibly having your bathroom completely remodeled. You can make it look brand new. This is obviously a big project that will require a lot of time, planning and work. However, it will be well worth it in the end. This is not the type of project that you should be in a hurry to start. The following questions need to be asked before you begin.

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1. How long will the project take to complete?

You will need to get a rough time frame about how long you will be without your bathroom. You might have several people in your home. Therefore, the loss of a bathroom will be a difficult thing to deal with. You will need to make plans about how the members of your household will share the remaining bathroom while the remodeling project is underway. No contractor will be able to tell you the exact day he will be finished. This is because some unexpected problems might occur during the course of the project. However, he should be able to narrow it down to within a few days.

2. How much will the total remodeling project cost me?

You will need to get price quotes from several different contractors. Tell them to give you their lowest price because you will hire the contractor who is the cheapest. Tell the contractor every detail of the project. Then he will be able to calculate a price for you. You might need to hire a contractor that specializes in tub refinishing Baltimore.

3. What ways can I save money on this project?

There will usually be several options for every part of your remodeling project. For example, there will be a vast array of materials for you to choose from. Some of these materials will be much cheaper than others. Ask the contractor to explain all of your options to you. This will save you money.