When It Makes Sense To Get A New Heat Pump

Heat pumps are important pieces of equipment for many appliances we use on a daily basis in our homes. They are necessary for facilitating the transfer of heat energy from its original source to its final destination. Your heat pump system doesn’t have to stop working entirely to warrant a replacement. Below are some tell-tale signs it is time before that happens. If you are not sure, call a professional company of heat pump maintenance Newport News VA for help, such as the one found at www.ccairandheat.com.

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Constantly Needs Repairs

All systems will need maintenance and repairs at some point or another. If your heat pumps start requiring frequent calls to the professionals for repairs, you may need to consider buying a new unit. The repairs will continue to add up in cost and you may just pay more than you would have to replace it with a new unit.

Unusual Noises

Mechanical systems are designed to run smooth and quietly. This is exactly how your heat pumps were created to run as well. If you start hearing unusual signs coming from the unit, the moving parts inside of it may be wearing down. Loose vents, faulty ductwork and dirty filters are common causes of unusual heat pump noises.

Energy Bill Goes Up Quickly

Most homeowners are fully aware of how much they typically spend each month on their energy bills during specific times of the year. If you begin to notice a steady rise in your bill without making any major changes, your heat pump could be the culprit. When the system is not working efficiently, it will take more energy to run. In some cases, faulty parts could keep the unit running nonstop.

These are some of the common signs that would indicate your heat pump needs maintenance or replacement. Any issues you notice should be quickly diagnosed. Call an experienced technician to diagnose any problems with your unit. The longer you wait to get it looked at, the worse the problem could end up becoming.