Best Practices for Moving Day

People move between properties several times in a lifetime. New jobs, family responsibilities and other factors prompt these changes. Moving day is quite a flurry of activity, which makes it difficult to handle for some people. Follow these best practices for the big day so that you can transition with ease.

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Man Both Properties

Assuming the move is within a day’s drive, try to place family members at both ends of the move. Half of the household can finish packing up the old place while the other half prepares the new property. Turning on lights, cleaning off shelves and other tasks will make the move faster than ever before on the receiving end, for example.

Keep the Kids and Pets Occupied

Ideally, children and pets shouldn’t be present on moving day. Send them to the neighbor’s house for some alternative fun. Keep them occupied with all-day activities. This strategy leaves the work to the adults without any distractions. Moving day cannot be efficient otherwise.

Carry Critical Items With You

Moving companies work hard to protect your belongings as they’re moved many miles, but misplaced items can occur. Always carry your most critical items with you, such as prescriptions and inhalers. They won’t be misplaced, which safeguards the family. Misplacing the fine China may be a hassle, but it doesn’t cause a major concern from a health perspective.

Give the Movers Space

Ann Arbor movers are pleased to work with every client, but the physical work requires some space. As the movers fill the truck, allow them the space to move in and out of the house. Remove obstacles in hallways and prepare your items in a corner space. They’ll be able to work as efficiently as possible in the end.

Take stock of your items as you unpack them. A missing box might come to light at some point. The box might be still on the moving truck or hiding in a corner of the new property. By accounting for everything soon after you move, the faster you can enjoy the new surroundings.