Ensuring the Safety and Integrity of Your Property

Before you can start a commercial or residential construction project, you first need to obtain the proper permits from the local government. The government will not issue these permits before the land is inspected and surveyed.

Surveying and marking off a piece of property takes skills that you or anyone else in your company has. By outsourcing this task to a professional construction contractor, county inspector, or land surveyor pasco county fl property owners like you can get the permits you need faster.

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Surveying for a Variety of Projects

The type of surveying that gets done on your piece of property will depend on the type of project you want to undertake on it. If you plan to build a new business, for example, the land may need to be surveyed in order to establish where utility lines can be laid or boundaries for the property can be established. The information gathered in the surveying will influence how the land is zoned and what boundaries the local government will recognize on it.

If you want to undertake a residential building project, however, the land may need to be surveyed to determine where existing utility lines are laid as well as what lines are shared between property holders. Your own boundaries may be shortened in order to avoid inconveniencing your neighbors. In other cases, the boundaries may be extended if the shared boundaries lines are those between you and public access areas.

You also may want to add onto an existing building on the property. Before this can be done, the land will need to be surveyed in order to ensure the safety of the project. The surveyors may need to ensure the new addition poses no hazard to public access or to the integrity of the property. You typically can get surveying results within a matter of days.

Property surveying is a part of securing the permits needed to undertake new construction projects. You can find out more about surveying your property for commercial and residential projects by contacting the company and visiting its website today.