Top Benefits of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

Whether you are a DIYer or picking out materials for a professional installation, you’ve likely run across galvanized steel. The shiny metal comes in nuts and bolts, pipes, fittings and a variety of other uses for both residential to industrial applications. Here are some of the top benefits of using hot dip galvanized steel on your next project.

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Lower Costs

A fence or signpost made of galvanized steel has lower lifetime costs than other metal options. The hot dip galvanizing equipment ensures a strong bond of metals preventing moisture reaching to the iron middle. Paint must be maintained regularly to maintain the look and color, but galvanized steel doesn’t need regular maintenance.

Tough Coating 

The hot dip galvanization process bonds the zinc to the iron creating a harder than steel outer surface. The tough coating is abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant.

Long Life

Depending on how the metal is used and the environment around it, galvanized steel has a lifespan reaching as high as seventy years. Even marine and industrial applications can see a minimum of ten years and as much as twenty.

Complete Coverage

Because the galvanization process requires dipping steel into a bath of molten zinc, the metals intermingle creating three intermetallic levels and a top layer of nearly pure zinc. The metal is fully submerged coating all nooks and crannies even hard to reach spots.

Application Speed

Hot dip galvanizing is a much faster process than painting. A few hours is all that is needed to galvanize steel versus as much as a week for a painted project. Paint requires multiple coats that must dry between coatings. Galvanizing is done in a consecutive process saving time.

The low-cost tough material makes great fences with little maintenance. Homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from using galvanized steel in a variety of applications. Save time and money with reliable material.