Taking Care of Furniture So Your Room and Floor Stays Fresh

The room has been perfectly decorated and the floors have been scrubbed, waxed and polished. Everything is set and ready for a busy day in the showroom, so what could go wrong? Everything is great until the supervisor in charge of showing off the perfectly staged furniture in the showroom looks down and stifles a scream. The horrifying truth is that the perfectly polished floor has been gouged and streaked from the furniture as it was moved into the showroom. No doubt, this is not a good look for this perfectly put together room, and the anguished look on the supervisor’s face is not a good look, period.

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Protecting a Beautiful Floor

A gorgeous floor is one thing that really needs tender loving care and protection. A beautiful floor, whether it’s made of hardwood or a laminate, can make a room really glow if it’s well cared for. When a floor becomes streaked or gouged, however, it can sometimes be impossible to cover the damage effectively. That’s why the smart move is to have the bottoms of the legs of chairs and sofas covered in a material that offers protection from gouging. There are many ways to protect the legs of chairs, from using precut tennis balls to other types of covering that offer full protection.

Though ensuring that all the bottoms of the furniture in a space are covered does require some doing, there’s no question it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Redoing a streaked floor is a time-consuming and potentially expensive endeavor, and fixing serious gouges might mean actually replacing part of a floor, which is a very big job.

Just as we have to go to the trouble of covering furniture to keep it looking fresh and clean, we also need to consider putting a solid cover on the bottoms of our furniture, to keep our floors looking bright and polished. Just like everything else in life, it takes doing, but the payoff is ultimately very worthwhile.