Planning Your Move to Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a popular destination for vacations and sun seekers looking to relocate. The resort city’s very popular for a number of reasons, but you may want to think about a few things first before deciding to hop on the moving bandwagon.

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Check the Climate

If you like warm weather, you’re in luck. Rain falls at most around 15 days a year, with total rainfall rarely exceeding two inches. The winters are mild, with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit when the sun’s out, and rarely sliding under the mid-40s when it’s not. Summer weather tends to be between the 70s-90s, as is common in the U.S., and the warmth sometimes can last all the way up to November. Don’t expect to see too many people bundled up!

Look up the Sights

Palm Springs has a little bit of everything: you have cool educational sights like the Art and Air museums, as well as beautiful natural wonders like the Indian Canyons and the Coachella Valley. Not to mention the homes of several famous celebrities, which you can see in tours! Study the area beforehand to see what can keep you entertained during your off-hours. There’s even a Palm Spring Walk of Stars, which pay tribute to celebrities, authors, musicians and even presidents who’ve lived in the area.

Find Everyday Activities

Of course, most people don’t visit the sights every weekend. Swimming pools, golf courses… even star parties (not as in celebrities, mind you, but stargazing) are just some of the fun things to do out there. Try searching for lists of unique activities to Palm Spring online, or ask Palm Spring locals for details.

Buy Your Home

The biggest step! If you look up “real estate for sale in palm springs ca” in a search engine, you’ll likely find a lot of properties available, as well as realtors who’ll be able to help you find your Palm Beach Dream Home.

Keep these points in mind before making your decision, and if you decide Palm Springs is right for you, enjoy the area!a