Cleaning Tips for Sparkling Clean Light Fixtures

Lights brighten up the home, but collected dust and grime can dim their glow. Routine cleaning keeps bulbs running efficiently and light fixtures gleaming. In order to clean your light fixtures safely follow these steps.

First, turn off the electricity to prevent electrocution. If you’re using a ladder, make sure it’s secure before climbing up. Shield your eyes from the dust and cleaning solution particles with safety goggles. Once you have your tools and safety parameters in check, here’s how to clean the light fixtures in your home.

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Chandeliers can look overwhelming to clean because of their intricate design. Taking the proper steps ensures these beauties survive the cleaning with no damage. A good chandelier cleaning schedule to follow is to dust weekly and deep clean the crystals once a year. You can clean the chandelier while it hangs, or take it down and lay it on a towel.

First, dust the chandelier with a microfiber cloth, then spritz the crystals with a store-bought cleaning solution or make your own. Create a 50-50 water-vinegar solution and put the mix in a spray bottle. Spritz the crystals, allow them to dry, and then polish with a microfiber cloth.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lamps, like the pendant lighting Westlake Village offers, can be dismantled from the ceiling. Once you remove the glass shade, clean it by hand with a liquid soap-water solution. Also, wipe the bulb clean to increase its brightness.

Lamp Shades

Read the manufacturer’s tag for each lamp shade because each material requires different care. The dishwasher or laundry machine will ruin the material and shape, so avoid putting a lampshade in either.

Maintaining light fixtures and bulbs promotes cleanliness and enhances the decor of any space. Hopefully, this list of cleaning tips will help keep your home shining bright.