The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

When the winter chill hits, it is wonderful to cuddle up with a cup of cocoa in a warm house. A well-insulated house can keep you comfortable while cutting your energy bills in both the summer and the winter. Spray foam insulation can be applied to your attic and walls to protect your house from the elements. It can also suppress sound. Here are a few reasons to switch to Delaware spray foam insulation.

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Airtight Seal

Spray foam is comprised of polyurethane and isocyanate. When the two of the are combined, they expand and harden into a airtight seal. This bond keeps the weather outside and the temperature you want inside. It also keeps rain and other forms of moisture from damaging your structure.

Conserve Energy

This type of insulation can cut your electric and gas bills by containing the optimal temperature in your home without drawing on your furnace or central air. It lasts far longer than the other forms of insulation without breaking down, extending the length of your savings without drawing on ecological resources. You can go for twenty years before having to replace it.

Keeps Air Clean

Spray foam does not mold and prevents it from growing in your house. The moisture barrier the foam provides keeps it from producing. Mold affects the air quality in your house and can make you and your family very ill. It also wards off pollen and dust that might trigger your allergies.

Adding Strength

The thick barrier than spray foam provides not only keeps the warm in, it can strengthen the walls and roof of your house. It packs the space in between the drywall and the outer wall adding another level of protection to your structure. It also keeps the sound from the outside out, leaving peace and quiet for your family inside.