How to stay house proud while living with house pets – Part 2: For dog parents

Pet parenting is a tough job but totally worth it when you get it right. Here’s how you can make sure your fur babies and your house are always safe and beautiful:Dog Bed in House

Pet proof the house:
         Dogs tend to launch themselves into the air or over things without warning. If you live higher up, make sure you have window grills
or very secure railings over which your dog cannot jump.

·         Choke chains are awful. If your pet is easily excitable and requires restraint when you have guests over, try a body
harness that is strong yet comfortable and avoid stressing them out by keeping them confined for short intervals.

·         Use double-sided tape to ensure that there are no hanging edges to tablecloths, runners or flimsy drapes that will encourage
your dog to play tug.

·         Dogs are curious and will often chew on leaves or plants that are easily accessible. But certain house plants can be harmful if
ingested, so do your homework before adding potted plants to your home.

Save your furniture:
         Give your dog a dedicated corner of the house. A dog bed or cute kennel is easily available online in a variety of styles or you can
even get one custom designed. This often makes them less likely to jump up on the couch or the chairs.

·         Supply your dog with a regular fix of chew-friendly toys or a large bone to prevent them from decimating your furniture.

·         Dogs love company and being seated next to you when you’re reading a book or watching TV, lets him or her feel secure. Place a
rug near you and show the dog that she or he can sit on it while you are in your chair.

Easy clean the floors:
         Non-slip flooring is ideal when you have a dog, as long as it is easy to clean. Keep their nails clipped comfortably short to prevent
them from scratching your floor.

·         Dogs bring in mud from outside so make sure you have a coconut coir or felt foot mat at the door to help catch some of the
debris before they enter the house.

·         Alternatively, you can use a cloth dampened with a mild, pet-safe disinfectant to wipe off their paws before they enter the house.
Place these items on a shelf near the door to make it more convenient.

·         Dogs shed more in certain seasons. The easiest way to keep your furniture hair free is to brush your dog down regularly, especially
if you have a long-haired breed.Pet Toys for Dogs