4 Steps To Take If You Find a Spider Nest in Your Home

Finding a spider nest in your home is never a good sign since they can lead to a potential spider infestation. These nests often contain anywhere from 150 to 300 eggs and take between two to three weeks to hatch. Although the survival rate for these eggs is low, finding one or more nests inside your home can become problematic is not addressed. Take these four steps if you find a spider egg sac in your home.

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1. Call Pest Control

If you find a spider nest, it’s worth having a spider pest control company come inspect your home for signs of an infestation. Even if you can’t see them, spiders can make their home in dark, hidden spots like in the closet, the basement, garage, or in cluttered areas. You can even have the exterminator properly get rid of the sac while at your home.

2. Avoid Poking or Disturbing the Nest

If you plan to rid of the nest yourself, it’s important to act quickly and avoid disturbing the nest. Many species of spiders will remain in or by the nest when first hatched, so poking the nest can cause them to disperse. Additionally, some species of spider will try to protect their nest and may bite.

3. Safely Remove Nest

The easiest way to remove a spider nest is to use a vacuum with a nozzle extension. After vacuuming up the sac, make sure to completely dispose of the contents in a sealed bag. If using a duster or broom, make sure to thoroughly clean the nest.

4. Search the Area

After safely removing the nest, it is a good idea to search the surrounding area for any other nests. Check dark, cool places and look beneath your kitchen counters and window ledges. You can also perform a thorough cleaning to help search for nests and remove any webs.