Keeping Your Home and Family Safe From Mosquitoes

A lush and inviting lawn adds to your home’s value and curb appeal. Enjoying your yard in the summertime, however, can be difficult when mosquitos won’t leave you alone. You work hard to protect your family and maintain a safe and comfortable home. How can you safely eliminate mosquitoes without harm to your family, pets or the environment? Consider using organic mosquito control. Once you are aware of the benefits of natural and organic lawn treatments over traditional chemical pesticides, the choice can be easy.

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Beneficial for the Environment

Organic pesticides are composed of natural ingredients. Some of these naturally occurring substances can not only decrease your insect population but increase or preserve soil health. Better soil health contributes to a healthier landscape and a more beautiful yard. With heavy rain or an overzealous sprinkler schedule can come water runoff. Using organic ingredients can minimize soil, air and water contamination.

Tested Over Time

Insects can develop resistance over time to chemical pesticides. Many organic substances have been successfully used for pest control for thousands of years and are still used today. The chances for pesticide resistance are greatly reduced when using natural ingredients.

Safer for Pets and Humans

Mosquitoes carry diseases. The CDC recommends taking preventive measures to reduce the risk of contracting a mosquito-borne illness. However, people with chemical sensitivities may have difficulty with traditional pesticides and therefore may benefit from organic compounds. Pets can also have sensitivities and skin irritation due to contact with chemical irritants. Wildlife may also be inadvertently affected. Organic treatments to control mosquitos can be a safer alternative for your home.

You have a beautiful yard and you should be able to enjoy it. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your children and pets are safe from biting insects and toxic chemicals while playing outside. By using naturally occurring ingredients, organic pest control can minimize negative impacts while providing protection from mosquitoes.