See The Entire Capsule Collection From The 2019 IKEA Art Event

Virgil Abloh

It’s rare that a rug is the first thing you think about when transforming a space, but IKEA’s latest collection proves otherwise. For their annual Art Event, the Swedish retailer rounded up eight creatives — like buzzy fashion designer Virgil Abloh — to each create a contemporary rug that will command attention in any room. The exclusive capsule collection will be available in-store on May 4 exclusively at Etobicoke, Ont., Montreal, Que. and Coquitlam, B.C. locations.

Scroll down to see the roster of artful rugs and hear from the designers and artists about their inspiration for the project.

“I wanted an ironic take on the traditional attitude to furnishing where the living room is just a showroom, not somewhere you sit,” says Virgil Abloh, the men’s artistic director for Louis Vuitton and founder of streetwear brand Off-White. “The parental ‘don’t ruin the furniture’ kind of thing I think has really impacted how younger people think of furniture today.”Chiaozza

“Inspired by spring time scenes in the deserts of the American southwest, the color blocks, squiggles, daubs and dots of this rug invite people of all ages to sprawl out, daydream and get lost discovering little moments of play and tactility,” says artistic duo Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao.

Craig Green

“With this rug I was interested in exploring the idea of paradise, of escaping reality. Of making a portal or doorway to transport us to somewhere better,” says London-based menswear designer Craig Green.

Misaki Kawai

“I’m inspired by funny stuff, goofy stuff and hairy stuff — that’s one of the reasons why I loved doing this rug, it’s a very hairy object,” says Japanese artist Misaki Kawai. “I think it turned out great, it’s comfortable and has amazing colors. It’s fantastic that so many people will be able to enjoy it. Go ahead, please pet the big cats!”