3 Tricks for Lawn Maintenance

Nothing can bring up property value like well-maintained lawns. If there is something lacking in the house section or otherwise, a great set of trees leading up a driveway or a beautifully structured vine plant over a garden can turn heads. Greenery is usually a solid investment, but how can you take care of this for your property value?

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1. Water

Summer months keep getting hotter, which means your lawn is going to need more water, or at least a better system for retaining water. When you need good service, especially for large properties, you may opt for professional help. You can search for professional irrigation St Louis to find local places that can help with keeping your plants alive. Once set, your system of irrigation and sprinklers can usually run on automatic, saving you time.

2. Food

Plants are like us; they need food to survive too. Most of the time, they can get it from the soil or through photosynthesis, but if you would like a specific lawn aesthetic year-round, then perhaps the right fertilizer will support your dreams. Choose one for your grass type and do not forget the garden and trees as well.

3. Mowing

There is an art to maintaining that cultivated look. It matters both when, and how much you mow. If you mow the grass too soon, then you can leave its roots open to the sunlight, putting a damper on their growth.  Besides that, here are a few tips:

  • Mow dry to prevent clumps
  • Mow differently to reduce worn spots
  • Mow when you’re cutting 1/3 of the grass’ height

Lawn care can take your home to the next level. When you look outside or bring friends over, you can feel a sense of pride in the landscaping done. It’s no secret that greenery can make us feel better.