Four Ways to Make Your Store Stand Out

Starting a new business or reviving your brand presents a great opportunity for creativity. Don’t get stuck in the same rut when it comes to designing your store. Here are four ways to create an amazing storefront that will attract customers and increase traffic.

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Design a Memorable Sign


If you think about most business signs, there aren’t many that are memorable. The majority of companies stick to traditional black block letters that don’t catch anyone’s eye. Why not make your store stand out among the crowd of businesses by creating a truly memorable sign? One example includes a crayon box shaped sign for a preschool. It’s also important to ensure lettering is large and easy to read when designing your sign.


Install Custom Glass Doors


If you want your customers to see what’s inside your store, consider installing glass doors and windows on your storefront. A glass manufacturer Frederick MD can design and install glass doors that will help your store stand out. Look for a company that offers a variety of services and has experience designing and installing in a variety of locations including businesses, churches, schools, restaurants, etc.


Give Away Free Stuff


Customers love free stuff so consider having promotional giveaways. While you may think you can’t afford to give stuff away for free, research shows that occasionally giving away free stuff will reciprocate business. When people are given something for free, it tends to compel people to give something back. This may include posting on social media or buying a product.


Manage the Landscape


It’s important not to overlook the importance of the landscape. A well-maintained landscape around a business gives a strong first impression. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, landscaping done right can deter intruders and keep employees safe as well.


Help your store stand out by designing a memorable sign, installing custom glass doors, giving away free stuff and managing the landscape.