Make Your Rental or Flip Appeal To the Widest Market

There is a ton of advice available about real estate. Should you invest in a rental property for a smaller regular passive income or start a business flipping houses for larger more immediate income? Whichever appeals to you, you need to make your latest real estate acquisition appeal to others. Here is how.

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Create Timeless Simple Beauty

Decorating trends come and go but some features will always be in style. Ideally, you will create a welcoming home that is stylish enough to make an impression but simple enough to present an inviting canvas for others. You cannot go wrong with beautiful hardwood flooring like monarch plank storia ii, available in a dozen colors for versatility. Go with an easy-care finish: buyers will appreciate it and renters will be less likely to damage it through neglect. Fresh, flawless paint is a must—use lighter neutral colors for widest appeal and don’t even think about wallpaper.

Feature Three Wow Factors

A potential buyer will see many houses before choosing which one to purchase; a renter may consider everything from apartments to condominiums to single-family homes with a yard. You want your property to be memorable. Include three wow factors. One should be outside; think curb appeal like a collection of potted flowering plants by the front door. Another should be in the common area, such as a wall of built-in bookshelves in the living room or a gorgeous kitchen island with a breakfast bar. Lastly, include a wow factor in the main bedroom suite such as a bedside fireplace.

Appeal To Yourself

Make sure you like the house too. When home prices rise you should be able to sell at a tidy profit or rent to others who cannot afford to buy. However, should home prices fall you may end up living in your investment temporarily. Remember this is a change of plans, not a disaster. There are worse things than living in a freshly painted house with modern upgrades and nice flowers to greet you at the door.