3 Signs You Need a New Oven

The oven is likely one of the most commonly used items in your kitchen. Whether you’re baking bread or frying up your morning eggs, it’s an important appliance that should be well-cared for. As the years go by, it may be using an excessive amount of energy or gas and can even become a safety hazard. Here are three signs that it may be time to replace your oven.

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Oven Isn’t Lighting or Heating

If you have an electric oven that isn’t getting hot, there may be a problem with the electrical system. Gas ovens that fail to light, turn blue or keep a flame are all signs that something is wrong. As problems with gas ovens could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s vital that you have your oven repaired or replaced immediately. You can search for oven installation Washington DC to find a company that will make sure your new appliance is properly hooked up.

Rusty Insides

If your oven has not been properly cleaned throughout the years, it may eventually start to rust on the inside. Not only can this stop the oven from working properly, but the rust can even end up in your food. If you are unable to remove the rust, it’s time for a new appliance.

Recipes Don’t Taste Right

If you are having consistent problems with your meals not tasting right, don’t fret – it may not be your skills as a chef. The oven door may have cracks in the seals, allowing heat to escape. There is also a possibility that the thermostat is broken, making it impossible for your oven to regulate temperature. In addition to having a negative impact on your recipes, these issues are also likely increasing your gas or electric bill.

Purchasing a new oven if your old one is at the end of its life will help keep you safe and even save you money. If you are experiencing any of the above problems, it may be time to invest in a new one.