Rain Gutters Can Protect Your Home Against these 6 Potential Issues

People often underestimate the value of a gutter system that’s in good shape. These household systems are vital to the health and well-being of your structure, and whether or not you know it, there are at least six potential issues that gutters protect against.

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1. Erosion

The first issue that many gutter contractors lake county il will stress is erosion. Rain gutters are designed to move water away from your home’s foundation. Therefore, if you did not have these systems in place, water would pool around the foundation wall, wearing away the dirt and even concrete, compromising the structure over time.

2. Siding Damage

Also, rain gutters protect the decorative elements of your home, like siding. Without gutters to guide water away, some siding materials would become stained or possibly rot.

3. Flooding

One of the best reasons to ensure that your gutters are in peak shape is to avoid interior flooding, especially if you have a basement. Without a working gutter system in place, water will pool close to your home, finding its way in through windows and minor imperfections.

4. Foundation Issues

As noted above, gutters keep rainwater a safe distance away from your home’s foundation. If you do not take care of these systems and water is left to stand around your foundation, then erosion will eventually lead to cracking and resettling of walls and crawlspaces.

5. Mold Development

Also, standing water is not only bad for your home, but your health. Water that seeps into your home can lead to mold development, which is costly to repair.

6. Mosquitos

Last, standing water is the prime nesting ground for mosquitos and other infestations. Essentially, any standing water welcomes unwanted animals and pest to your property.

Don’t let your gutter system fall apart. Call a licensed contractor to install a system that will keep your home dry for years to come.