Top Priorities When Opening a Rest Station

As traffic increases along major highways, so does the demand for rest stops. People need to take a break to refuel their vehicles, but they also need to stretch their legs and buy coffee to help them stay awake. Before beginning work on a new rest station, consider these aspects of the business.

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If you do not offer gas at your rest station, very few people will stop. Even if you have great food or spectacular views, people will bypass your business for a gas station. Unless you are remaking an old gas station, you will need to invest in fuel station construction. You will also need to figure out how you will purchase the supply of gasoline. As a rest stop entrepreneur, these tasks should be highest on your list.




Once you have the fuel source figured out, you need to decide what other services you will offer. You should visit nearby rest stops and see what products they have besides gasoline. For example, they may serve hot sandwiches and other fresh foods, or they may stick with processed goods. Based on what competitors provide, decide how you will make your business stand out. To help with this goal, you may want to conduct a survey of your area.




In addition to offering distinctive services, you should develop a brand for your rest stop. This may include your name or a more generic name that fits your line of business. Consider choosing a color and logo to use on your signs and any products you sell that you do not purchase from another vendor. Spend some time brainstorming the perfect slogan to catch people’s attention and make them pull over at your business.


You can have a successful career starting a new rest stop. Focus on the details for these aspects of the business and the others will fall into place.