Improving Your Commercial Building’s Curb Appeal

Owning your own business is quite an accomplishment. You can pride yourself on your business model, your employee benefits and your products and services. But how is your curb appeal doing? Even with the best of everything else going for you, your public image can suffer if your building and grounds are unattractive or messy. Here are some ideas for making your office’s appearance work for you.

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The Building’s Exterior

If the siding is dilapidated or grungy looking, consider replacing it with a fresh layer of siding. Or if it is in reasonable condition, repair it and add a fresh coat of paint. A brick exterior can be updated with paint as well. Choose a color pallet that reflects your business logo or makes the building stand out in positive light. Add some new trim and even new eaves if it will make the structure look more finished and attractive.

The Sidewalk and Parking Areas

When employees and customers park at your location, do they have a nice, smooth parking surface, or are they driving through mud puddles that make them reluctant to exit the vehicle? Add a nice asphalt parking pad or make your old one look as good as new by having the asphalt sealer Pittsburgh PA businesses rely on for a sound and attractive lot. Sidewalks should be poured if none exist and the approach to the building should be kept neat and clean and free of weeds.

A Green Area

Whether you have a large area to landscape or just a small patch near the door, make the most of it by planting it with a variety of colors and textures that will both please the eye and give your storefront a more manicured appearance, giving your customers the impression that you care about the little things.

As a final touch, make sure to update signage and display it prominently. Put a little effort into making your building look as great on the outside as the business it houses deserves.