3 Things That Sabotage the Sale of Your House

Though it might be a seller’s market, your house will only be as desirable as you make it. Many people want top dollar out of their homes, regardless of whether the property is worth the asking price or not. Working with a realtor can help put your sale price in the right bracket, but there are some things you can’t control that can sabotage your sale.

What not to do when selling your home - The Washington Post

The Neighbors

You might have taken excellent care of your home, but your neighbors are a different story. If they have garbage pile up behind the house or their lawn is in desperate need of mowing, it could deter potential buyers. Though you can’t control what they do, you may be able to converse with them about cleanup or offer to help them out.

The Location

You may live in a wonderful community, but if your home is situated in front of an electrical substation, potential buyers are going to be wary. Even though rigorous substation testing is done for safety measures, things like this can discourage buyers based on the perception of danger or assumption of safety concerns. If your home is far from the center of town, the distance to retail locations or work complexes may be a deterrent.

The Economy

When the economy is booming, there is more confidence in buying a home and relocating. The stock market will rise and fall in response to global or national concerns, which impacts the overall economy. You may be ready to go with your home, but a stalled economy could slow the process down and cause pricing changes that you didn’t expect.

Listing your home when the real estate market is thriving is when you should try to list your home for sale. However, even though you do everything the real estate agent tells you, there could be some unexpected factors that sabotage the sale.