Choosing Dumpsters for Your Hauling Company

To properly dispose of waste, your company will need dumpsters. If you own a hauling company, then having a variety of containers for different types and sizes of waste gives you access to a bigger customer base. Most of the variables in this decision can be reduced to the amount and type of waste your customers generate as well as whether the bin needs to be permanent or temporary.

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Size and Type


Waste hauling companies will have a variety of dumpster sizes and types for both residential and commercial uses. These are purchased from a roll off dumpster manufacturer Florida company and may be made from metal or heavy-duty plastic. The most common types of commercial dumpsters are compact front-load ones which are emptied weekly; but you can also have a roll off container for the same purpose which holds more waste for larger operations. If you have hazardous materials waste, then you will need a more specific container and be certified to handle it.


Permanent vs Temporary


Most of your clients will have a permanent bin on-site for you to empty on a regular basis and will rent this container from you. Temporary construction, or roll off, dumpsters are large, open containers designed for heavy-duty waste such as debris from a building demolition or from disaster clean up. These are usually temporary and private individuals can rent them for yard work, moving or renovating. This means that the greater variety you can offer customers in terms of size and type, the more revenue streams your company will have access to.


There are a lot of things that go into running a successful waste hauling company including knowing what variety of dumpsters to have on hand for both permanent and temporary clients. Most manufacturers can offer you a range of metal and plastic bins ranging from residential to commercial sizes so you can pass that variety on to your customers.