How innovative video tours help sell an apartment

From startup superheroes to Zombies coding 3D games that suck the life out of you, everyone out there is going the extra mile to shoot those Oscar-winning videos to sell their prized possessions online. This growing trend has seemingly caught up with the real estate industry too as more and more developers are broadcasting their residential and commercial project videos to sell their inventories.

These videos are currently the biggest rage amongst house hunting Sherlock Holmes who with its help can gauge the reality behind a listed property. But, how significant is it really for a real estate developer in the business? Let’s find it out.How innovative video tours help sell an apartment

Taking care of a few basic tips is the idea behind creating compelling videos without you having to turn yourself into Steven Spielberg of a real estate genre. Understand the significance of a video and its benefits to a prospective customer who would probably prefer just this over other missiles you have in your quiver to shoot a marketing campaign. You can even use this marketing tool to outplay the downside of images of a real estate property online. Video transmits a larger amount of information than images and has the potential to build an instant trust with the customer.

Commenting on the benefits of creating innovative videos to sell apartments, Pratik K. Mehta, Managing Director, Unishire, asserted, “Video is a great communication and marketing tool to effectively promote Real Estate. Today, the traditional way of marketing by distributing brochures and meeting the clients to explain about the project has become redundant with technology giving way to many innovative and effective ways of selling and marketing. Video helps a builder to effectively explain every detail of the project, showcase the various aspects, and make the video invigorating and visually intriguing.”

A recent report suggests that over 58 per cent information is retained by humans when they visually see something happening in a video. In this context, a video gives an added dimension to a home buyer.

“3D walkthroughs, model unit videos and landscaping videos are helping home buyers to visualize their dream home in a much better fashion. Videos are also becoming very important for construction updates. Customers can actually view the update for their home through a company app,” he added.
The number of useful options for vlogs (video blogs) is growing with each passing day however, the biggest hurdle is the way marketers exploit opportunities to diversify their video offerings simply due to lack of creativity.

“All videos equally play a part in communicating different aspects of the development. These days interactive videos allow a prospective buyer to maneuver through the project or the show flat and explore in detail; 3D views enlighten the visual aspects; virtual walkthroughs capture a glimpse of the entire development encompassing the location, facilities, birds eye views and all these educate the buyer in depth even before they meet the sales representative,” said Mehta.

Offering an insight into the mindset of home buyers today, Mehta said that customers want to understand finer aspects of the projects as well. So these days, apart from capturing the visual imagery, videos are also made to showcase architects or explain the design concepts, various materials being used, green building features incorporated, automation facilities and a host of lot more information which was never showcased earlier. Nowadays, lots of lifestyle and convenience aspects are being included in projects, videos, and 3D renderings are making it easy for home buyers to actually picture a home beautifully.

Video tours are the biggest perks for both, house hunters and real estate developers today. With more than 87 per cent digital marketers using this excellent tool to promote their products, you too might reap benefits from investing in a video tour for your project immediately.